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Urinary tract infections (UTI) are one of the most diagnosed infections among residents in nursing homes. With quick treatment, they can clear up within about 48 hours. However, staffing shortages and increased workload can cause UTI’s, and other infections, to unintentionally worsen due to prolonged action.


Hear from Senior Medical Director, Dr. Phil Jacobson at BASE10’s UTI Infection Control in LTC Facilities webinar to learn how to identify the often-subtle symptoms of UTI’s among residents. 

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All-in-one COVID-19 Solution that evolves to meet your needs
BASE10 offers an array of tools meant to guide your organization through procedures such as employee vaccination, COVID-19 test tracking, and recording symptoms, hospitalizations, and more.

Built for healthcare, our platform adheres to strict security and HIPAA guidelines so that your employees' data are private and safe.

Our intuitive dashboards are continuously updating to help you stay on top of vaccination statuses, user screening responses, and important alerts.

Rest assured your employees are in expert hands. Our clinical team provides timely guidance to employees should they have symptoms or have a positive test.

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