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Stop Loss Strategies That Don’t Add a Dime To Your Bottom Line
Thursday, July 14 at 1 PM CST

Join BASE10 for this timely educational webinar to learn more about our transformational precision medicine approach to more effectively, and profitably, manage chronic diseases, including diabetes and clinical obesity.


You’ll get the key facts, data, and insight into what’s driving today’s unsustainable cost increases, as well as discover new cost-saving strategies that both identify and target
key at-risk cohorts and deliver significant ROI to the Payor.


Key Learning Topics Include:


-  Why chronic disease management costs are on an unsustainable trajectory…and getting worse


-  The dramatic impact and long-term effects of COVID-19 on high-risk categories, like diabetes and clinical obesity


-  Identifying the 3 failed market solutions that focus on deliverables versus healthy outcomes – and their “compounding effect” on ever-increasing healthcare costs


-  A new cost-savings model: how to use genetic testing and a behavioral success approach to target and manage chronic diseases


Robert V. Holton III
Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer
Emily Taylor
Precision Nutrition Dietician