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PlexusDX is a high-complexity CLIA certified and COLA accredited laboratory.
BASE10 Genetics utilizes the molecular and genetics tests performed to support our disease management programs.
The PlexusDX laboratory will support BASE10 Genetics in assessing new technologies to add to our digital platforms to better serve our clients.
We are excited to have the space and resources necessary to improve our offerings in Precision Nutrition, Precision Medicine, and Infectious Disease.

What we do at PlexusDX

How we do it

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Infectious disease tests
Utilizing PCR methodologies, PlexusDX follows CDC recommendations in performing multiplex assays to be able to analyze samples collected via anterior nasal, nasopharyngeal, or saliva routes to detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2, influenza viruses, and RSV.
Genetics testing
PlexusDX utilizes PCR technology to analyze genetic variants and gene copy numbers to provide insights relevant to drug metabolism, medication response, and nutritional needs.

Why we do it

We do it to optimize patient health

We believe that real-time clinical decisions require modern solutions. BASE10 is human driven and tech enhanced: everything we do is for the betterment of our patients. Integrating our own lab allows us to take on a more hands-on approach to our testing, providing more value to you. Optimizing patient health means delivering transformational healthcare, which is our goal.

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BASE10 Genetics, Inc

Located in Chicago, BASE10 is a healthcare software technology company whose platform creates turnkey disease management programs that can be deployed at scale for nursing home operators, pharmacies, payors and self-funded employers.