Optimize patient health with personalized medication insights
BASE10’s gene-based guidance helps you safely manage medications for nursing home patients.

The future of healthcare starts with Precision Medication Management

Every nursing home resident is unique. We help you optimize the efficacy and safety of drug therapy by centering care around your patients’ genetic makeup. Confidently prescribe medications and find ideal dosages using BASE10’s individualized insights.

Provide personalized, precise treatment across a variety of medical specialties.

Increase the probability of positive medication response and develop prevention strategies

Reduce medication spend and minimize healthcare associated costs

Older patients are more at-risk for drug interactions

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimates that over 350,000 adverse drug events occur in U.S. nursing homes every year. Pharmacogenetics can help patients receive the full intended benefit of a prescribed medication and prevent adverse drug events.

However, pharmacogenetic testing and application, while highly beneficial, is not easily accessible.

  • Clinician training on the science and clinical application of Precision Medication Management is not readily available
  • Providers don’t know who is eligible for pharmacogenetic testing or who should receive a test
  • Insurance coverage and prior authorization process can be a headache for prescribers

The cost of preventable adverse drug events

Adverse drug events are estimated to cost up to $30 billion in the U.S. annually due to increased hospitalizations, prolonged hospital stays, additional diagnostic tests, and therapeutic measures.

Using BASE10’s Precision Medication Management program, nursing homes can ensure that drug therapy is as safe and effective as possible.

A simple end-to-end solution for nursing homes

Optimize health outcomes for vulnerable patients

Our gene-based insights enable you to deliver drug therapy with increased efficacy, and may help reduce the number of prescribed medications.

  • Access live experts and extensive prescriber training modules
  • Increase the probability of positive responses to medication
  • Decrease the likelihood of adverse reactions for each patient
Increase cost savings with no reduced benefits

DNA-based medication management can help you maximize the cost savings that result from optimized prescriptions and increased medication compliance.

  • Decrease spending by avoiding overprescribing
  • Reduce loss of revenue from hospitalizations or deaths due to medication-related issues
Streamline your workflow and keep data organized

Our comprehensive process is simple and offers easy-to-interpret results and accessible guidance for safe and effective medication management.

  • Learn which patients are most likely to benefit from the Precision Medication Management program
  • Connect to our prescriber support specialists via helpdesk
  • Receive clear reports that contain actionable insights for safe medication management for each patient
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The Precision Medication Management solution

Automated assessment

Our proprietary algorithm determines which patients are most likely to benefit from this program.

Easy testing and reporting

Once we process the DNA collection kits, presbribers receive a comprehensive, easy-to-read report for each patient.

Ongoing support

Receive help and expert guidance from our specialists to maximize the benefits of the program.

The Precision Medication Management report includes:

Patient’s current medications
View all your known drug-gene interactions and find out your patient’s dosing recommendations.
Alternative medications
Minimize drug-gene interactions and get results that are better metabolized for your patient.
Medication Recommendations
Likelihood of various drugs being efficiently metabolized by the patient
Genetic details
What genes were tested and their associated phenotypes
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Proven and Tested

Pharmacogenetics is a proven clinical application of precision medicine. This FDA-recognized field examines the genes of an individual to provide insights into their medication responses.

The American Heart Association, American College of Cardiology, and American Psychiatry Association have all begun to implement Precision Medication Management-based medication dosing regimens into their published practice guidelines.

Learn more about how pharmacogenetics leads to optimal efficacy and safety of drug therapy by enabling medical providers to be more precise when prescribing and managing medications.

Personalization beyond prescription

Our software was built to ensure long-term health outcomes based on analyses that drive actionable, patient-centric recommendations. We maintain the highest quality methodology and work in accordance with FDA labels and CPIC guidelines.

Software Customization

Customize our software to fit your data visualization and reporting needs

Customer Support

Receive ongoing guidance and support from our clinical engagement team

Reimbursement Options

Implement predictive, streamlined billing practices to optimize reimbursement
Give your patients the benefit of personalized medication
Join our Precision Medication program today.