The Role That Nurses Play in Cardiovascular Disease Management
Doug Jones May 19, 2022

With the number of COVID-19 related mortalities leveling off from its peak in January 2021, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is once again the number one cause of morbidity, disability, hospitalization, and death among older adults in the U.S. 


In an article published in Frontiers in Medicine examining the Impacts of Common Geriatric Syndromes and their Interaction with Chronic Diseases on Health, the authors searched PubMed and Embase between 1950 and 2021. In doing so, they attempted to create a narrative review regarding the role of nursing in the management of geriatric cardiovascular disease (CVD). And though they found that nurses are pivotal to a patient’s recovery and rehabilitation from geriatric CVD, that role has never been well defined. 


In fact, nursing home patients often take multiple medications for a variety of conditions, making it difficult to manage their drug intake. They also have a greater potential of suffering from more than one health condition. As a result, there’s a heightened need to ensure that the patient is prescribed the correct drug at the correct dose the first time therapy is initiated, suggesting that treatment should be individualized. 


At BASE10, we believe that the future of healthcare starts with Gene-Based Medication Management. Since every nursing home resident is unique, tailored medication management can help nursing homes optimize the efficacy and safety of drug therapy by centering patient care around their genetic makeup.  


Genetic results interpreted by registered dietitian nutritionists, pharmacists, and prescribers on the patient’s care team help to individualize medication regiments and diet to best suit the patient’s cardiovascular needs and improve overall efficiency of cardiovascular disease management. 


Join us on Thursday, July 28th at 1PM CST for our webinar! “Understanding Cardiovascular Disease Through a Different Lens with Precision Medicine.”


BASE10’s Bethany Miller (PharmD, RPh) and Stephanie Ineman (MS, RDN, LDN) will discuss how your genes affect heart health and the implications of pharmacogenomics on cardiovascular medications.

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Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases Among Elderly Residents of Long-term Care Facilities  

Roles of Nursing in the Management of Geriatric Cardiovascular Diseases 


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