Nurse Staffing Crisis: We Need More Superheroes - Right Now
Todd Winking June 22, 2022

Today’s headlines are filled with the latest breaking stories about the current nurse staffing crisis. 


Whether it’s about comments and feedback on the proposed CMS budget cuts, nursing staffing requirements, the cost-effective use of staffing agencies, or the mass exodus of nurses seeking better pay and work-life balance outside of the industry — these are indeed precarious times.   

But let’s take a quick step back to remind ourselves of one thing: nursing is noble calling.   


In a recent local piece in the Baytown Sun, Mark McKenzie, founder of Focused Post Acute Care Partners (FPACP), provides this insight:  

“The dedication, professionalism and commitment from nurses during the raging pandemic is for the most part, indisputable. But, if we stay on the course on which we presently find ourselves, there will be a dangerous void in the health care delivery system.” Perhaps now is an important time to remind ourselves, then, of another core truth: nurses are heroes.  


Now, for sake of argument, let’s take it one step further. Because given all the current issues and challenges facing the long-term care industry today, the main question we should be asking right now is, “why can’t nurses be Superheroes?” 


What if…just like in the latest Marvel movies…they could work faster, better, stronger? How, you might ask, is that even possible?  


The answer is simple. Automation.  


Thanks to today’s super-advanced technology and management systems, nurses and clinicians are able to spend more time providing quality care at bedside than pouring over spreadsheets. 

And that’s just the beginning of their unique superpowers. 


Beyond drastically reducing time spent on paperwork and reporting, these automated systems, like BASE10’s Disease Management Platform, deliver all critical data in real-time, enabling clinicians to more effectively diagnose and deliver optimized outcomes across the enterprise, including: 

  • On-Going Population Surveillance 

  • Critical Decision-Making Pathways & Protocols 

  • Medication & Treatment Recommendations 

  • Shared Team Communication 

  • Reporting & Compliance 


All in all, what we’re talking about is a system that delivers faster, better, stronger in real-time, helping to reduce costs and time burden on staff at scale. 







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