Newly Appointed VP of Engineering to Help Chicago Health Tech Start-Up BASE10 Genetics Advance Precision Medicine
Lina Camacho March 31, 2022
CHICAGO, Il. – Chicago-based health-tech software start-up is proud to announce the promotion of Steve Jin, to serve as Vice President of Engineering. Alongside his team of engineers, Steve will continue building and improving comprehensive patient experiences that have their best health interests in mind.  
Patient care is at the core of BASE10 ‘s precision medicine platform. Co-founders Dr. Michael Fang and Robert Holton have first-hand experience with the devastating effects of a limited health care system. They have each witnessed family members struggle with the immense financial burdens of extended medical treatment, and they have both had to empty their personal savings to cover the expenses that insurance simply would not touch.  
Dr. Fang and Holton came together to create a platform that serves as the launch pad for delivering transformational healthcare outcomes for patients, while simultaneously creating cost savings strategies and ROI to payers.   
With this mission in mind, Steve Jin will focus on bringing his expertise to
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advance the data-driven automation technology at the heart of BASE10’s healthcare model.    
  • Prior to his promotion, he held the role of Senior Director of Engineering at BASE10.      
  • Steve’s experience will be an integral asset to BASE10’s mission to eradicate chronic diseases and provide healthier futures via access to affordable health care.  
  • He and his team will continue designing user-centered digital products, data-centric architecture, and technical innovation.   
We chatted with Steve to learn more about his background and new role at BASE10 Genetics:   
What drew you to working at BASE10?   
“I was excited to explore how technology impacts healthcare. I saw an opportunity to discover new possibilities in the field at BASE10. In this ever-changing world, there are many ways to bring better user and patient experiences.”  
What problems are you excited to tackle as head of the engineering team?   
“The engineering team is excited to expand and develop new programs this coming year, in relation to infectious and chronic disease management. We plan on implementing them across multiple platforms, while maintaining a high standard of scalability and security for clients.”  
Is your team hiring?  
“We are always looking for talented technical individuals who are interested in working with technology and data to effectively tackle healthcare and its pain points. Reach out!”  

 If you have any questions about this release, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  
Media contact:   
Dahlia Imanbay, Head of Marketing   
1-(866) 710-1018  




BASE10's proprietary platform identifies precision diagnostics technologies with high potential for improving health outcomes, and creates turnkey, disease management programs that can be deployed at scale for insurance payors. Learn more at    


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