Meet the BASE10 Dietitian Team
Lina Camacho March 28, 2022
Our Chronic Disease Management Program is a dietitian-driven curriculum to help employees manage health and chronic illness. By offering nutrition recommendations based on individuals’ genetic makeup, we help you attract and retain employees and decrease health insurance costs. It is centered around genetic insights, access to a high-touch clinical team, and support from our dedicated team of registered dietitian nutritionists.
In honor of National Nutrition Month, we want to spotlight and acknowledge our talented nutrition team!


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Stephanie Ineman, MS, RDN, LDN is the lead dietitian and Nutrition Program manager at BASE10 genetics. She received a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Kent State University. Stephanie brings 11 years’ experience in chronic disease management and prevention to BASE10.


Her passion lies within the personalized approach of nutrigenomics to target individual metabolic and therapeutic needs. Stephanie thrives on connecting with clients to help them reach their greatest health potential.


Stephanie lives in the small town of Doylestown, OH with her husband and 3 kids.  In her free time, she enjoys long-distance running and baking. 



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Emily Taylor, MS, RDN, LD, has worked in the field of nutrition and dietetics for over a decade and completed her master’s degree and dietetic internship in late 2010, and shortly after became a Registered Dietitian. Afterwards, she moved to South Carolina after landing her first clinical position in the field. 5 years later, she decided to try her hand in the world of wellness and teaching and hasn’t looked back since.


As a Precision Nutrition Dietitian with BASE10, she works closely with an innovative team of dietitians, assisting individuals in establishing and meeting their health goals while reviewing and analyzing their nutrigenomics report and providing personalized nutrition recommendations.


At home, Emily is a wife and mother of two young boys, who keep her on her toes! She enjoys spending time with family, cooking and trying new foods/recipes, gardening, scenic runs, traveling, pastries and spending time with her boys.




Greg Lafortune, MS, RDN, LD, earned his master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Logan University in 2020 and became a Registered Dietitian shortly after, in 2021. 


As a Registered Dietitian, his goal is to help you find the answers to your nutrition concerns. Every day at BASE10 he asks himself, “How can I make nutrition more digestible and personalized?” Once a patient goes through our genetic-based program, Greg is there to help explain and analyze their results and provide support to their overall health and wellness journey. He is excited by the opportunity to use nutrition to optimize people’s health outcomes and make positive changes to their lifestyle.


Two of Greg’s favorite things are his family and live music. As a talented musician himself, he enjoys artists like Stevie Wonder (who’s his favorite of all time!).
He married his wife in 2020, who he now shares a beautiful baby girl with.




Navigating an appropriate diet and exercise regimen that aligns with your health and wellness goals can be overwhelming and confusing. Dietitians make the journey easier and provide support along the way. We're incredibly proud of everything our team has accomplished thus far and cannot wait to see how many more lives they impact this year!



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About BASE10 Genetics, Inc.
Located in Chicago, BASE10 is a healthcare software technology company whose platform creates turnkey disease management programs that can be deployed at scale for nursing home operators, pharmacies, payors, and self-funded employers. 

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