May 3: Weekly Long-Term Care News and Updates
Lina Camacho May 3, 2022

CDC to Update NHSN Vaccine Reporting Requirements for Nursing Homes

On Wednesday, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will update its COVID-19 vaccination report for long-term care providers. The changes are an effort to simplify the reporting process for providers, who will soon see their forms updated in the National Health Care Safety Network.

Providers on a national stakeholder call hosted by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services were informed of the upcoming updates earlier in the day.

In addition to removing vaccine manufacturer categories, which applies to both the primary vaccine series and additional doses/booster questions, as well as vaccinator supply questions, CDC experts said they’re also adding a question about the number of residents who have received one or multiple booster doses.

Across all forms, the agency is adding a question on the cumulative number of individuals who are up to date with their COVID-19 vaccines.


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New Quality Measure Thresholds Could Lower Providers’ Star Ratings, Experts Warn


The quality measure ratings in the Skilled Nursing Compare database are changing for skilled nursing providers, potentially impacting their star rating.

The new changes are based on the rate of improvement of quality scores since the last revision in February 2015. Quality measure thresholds will increased the average rate of score improvement by 50%. Instead of once per year, the ratings thresholds will now update every six months.

Skilled nursing providers that have been improving at a faster pace than others may see their star rating increase while those who haven't been improving at a fast enough pace could see their star rating decrease.


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Slow, Uneven Occupancy Recovery Raises Questions About Long-Term Stability for Nursing Homes


Providers in the skilled nursing industry remain confident that occupancy recovery will be at least another year away, though some are less confident that long-term care will fully bounce back.

A recent Pulse survey by Skilled Nursing News revealed current occupancy recovery expectations. Though unscientific and relatively small, the survey shows that providers believe staffing challenges will prevent the full recovery that some had hoped for. Among the survey’s respondents – 30 in all, ranging from small-, mid-, and large-size operators – 86.7% hadn't returned to pre-pandemic levels. In fact, more than 20% of respondents indicated that they didn’t expect occupancy to fully recover until the second half of 2023 while 6.9% said it wouldn’t be until 2024 or later.


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