Future of Skilled Nursing Home Operators and The Role of Automated Data and Reporting
Doug Jones May 20, 2022

Co-author: Olga Liuta


Staff burnout, regulations, and payment rates are still the main challenges that skilled nursing facility operators are struggling with in 2022. And yet, according to Dr. Arif Nazir, Signature HealthCARE’s Chief Medical Officer, who spoke at the Skilled Nursing News’ Clinical Conference on May 5, there is room for progressive clinical endeavors. 


Speaking about Signature’s partnership with BASE10 Genetics, Dr. Nazir described how BASE10’s data platform helped them keep pace with disease management, including streamlining COVID-19 testing and reporting to CMS as well as relieving staff of “a million headaches.” 


Utilizing BASE10’s software solution, he went on to say, “Can you just imagine how much work was taken away from the nurses and the administrators who can do the real job of touching the patient, listening to their voice? I think that was a huge success.”  



Automated Data and Reporting 

During the first wave of the pandemic, staff shortages highlighted how time-consuming it was for our LTC customers to complete NHSN reporting. 


At BASE10, our compliance and regulatory expert Jaymie Wertz helps long-term care providers with federal and state disease reporting for the NHSN COVID-19 module. 


Jaymie and her team use BASE10’s software to automate the data entry and reporting process. They’re committed to helping nursing homes make sure their data is complete before submitting, saving your staff time and money from possible fines due to expanding reporting requirements. 


With CMS considering more LTC requirements, including a new measure requiring skilled nursing facilities to report flu vaccination rates among workers, now is the perfect time to act.   


Find out how BASE10 can help your facilities by learning more about BASE10’s disease management platform or contact us directly at sales@base10genetics.com




About BASE10 Genetics
Located in Chicago, BASE10 is a healthcare software technology company whose platform creates turnkey disease management programs that can be deployed at scale for nursing home operators, pharmacies, payors, and self-funded employers. 


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