Dahlia Imanbay, VP of Marketing and Daniel Zhu, VP of Product: Asian-American Heritage Month
Lina Camacho June 1, 2022

CHICAGO, IL – May 31, 2022 – On the final day of celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month here in the U.S., BASE10 is proud to announce the promotions of Dahlia Imanbay to Vice President of Marketing, and Daniel Zhu to Vice President of Product.  


Dahlia VP Promo


Dahlia Imanbay, Vice President of Marketing 


A native of Kazakhstan, the largest country in Central Asia, Dahlia has brought a wealth of international marketing expertise to BASE10 since joining the firm in 2021, including being the first-ever native Kazakh woman to serve as Country Manager for a leading fashion retail chain with over 40,000 employees nationwide. 


During the past year at BASE10, Dahlia played the lead role in building and establishing a leading-edge marketing team responsible for the company’s overall branding efforts, as well as driving its aggressive growth plans through diverse digital lead acquisition campaigns. 


As a passionate advocate for equal rights and representation for women in the workplace, especially at the executive level, Dahlia also worked with other BASE10 leaders to initiate a new mentorship program to help ensure the continued growth for her female colleagues throughout their careers. 



In her new role as Vice President of Marketing, Dahlia will focus on maximizing the company’s overall operational performance, as well as continuing to foster long-term relationships with its dynamic and growing customer base to help the company achieve its short- and long-term financial goals. 


When asked about the future of marketing at BASE10, Dahlia responded: 

“I believe the Marketing department will continue to evolve and work towards highlighting our data-driven disease management programs on a larger scale. By partnering with health providers and corporations, we will work toward democratizing healthcare at a more accessible level, for all."


When asked about the future of BASE10, Dahlia mentioned: 

“BASE10 has an important purpose to change the world and make it a better place for all people. Utilizing a powerful combination of precision medicine and big-data, we are in a prime position to achieve significantly improved health and financial outcomes on a dramatic scale.” 


A quote that Dahlia lives by is that of BASE10 CEO, Dr. Michael Fang, “My thought is if we can catch something early enough and prevent it from getting worse or even saving a life – that's dollars saved and proof for getting insurance companies to pay for screenings.” 



Daniel VP Promo


Daniel Zhu, Vice President of Product 


Daniel brings more than 7 years of experience and a diverse background in healthcare and health technology. He comes from a background in molecular biology supplemented by clinical medical laboratory certification and academic research. Prior to BASE10, he worked as a clinical researcher, a director of engineering services, and a data consultant. 


Daniel joined BASE10 in 2022 as the Senior Product Manager. He quickly prototyped and kicked off development on the new Infectious Disease Management platform. Additionally, he has owned the design of the IDM architecture at BASE10 by implementing scalable data architectures and introducing micro-services ideologies to the team. 


In his new role as Vice President of Product, Daniel will lead the BASE10 product team in strategic road mapping and product design by combining his expertise from healthcare, technology, and data.  


When asked about the future of BASE10, Daniel responded: 

"BASE10 is launching a variety of exciting new products into the health-tech industry, defined by complex, well-researched, well-documented clinical algorithms. We have put together extensive support platforms for the entire spectrum of healthcare professionals. The product team has already come a long way since the initial stages of the company. The team will continue to diversify its talent and expertise as new products are added to the company’s compendium of offerings." 


A quote that Daniel lives by is “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity” - Art of War. 









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