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Dahlia Imanbay August 3, 2021

BASE10 Announces the Acquisition of PlexusDx NEWS

CHICAGO and Atlanta, August 3rd, 2021— BASE10, a technology company advancing precision medicine through disease management as a software, today announced the acquisition of PlexusDx, a high-complexity CLIA laboratory facility in Atlanta.   

BASE10's software platform enables clients to analyze, design and launch new clinical programs that target diseases unique to their population in a matter of weeks.  The acquisition bolsters BASE10's ability to evaluate new testing technologies that can be added to the various disease programs on the company's platform.   

"We see many exciting diagnostic technologies that have the potential to transform disease management," said Dr. Michael Fang, CEO.  "Having our own lab allows us to quickly and thoroughly explore these technologies before adding them to our platform." 

Catherine Campbell-Fetzer, VP of Strategic Operations, emphasized the opportunity for partnership with the lab acquisition.  "There is steady interest from many biotech companies in putting their technology into our disease management programs.  With the lab, we look forward working more effectively with these brilliant partners to advance the field of precision medicine together."  

About BASE10 Genetics, Inc.  

Located in Chicago, BASE10 is a healthcare software technology company whose platform creates turnkey disease management programs that can be deployed at scale for nursing home operators, pharmacies, payors and self-funded employers.    

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