Michal Fang, MD

Co-Founder & CEO

As a young boy, Michael knew he wanted to be a physician; his dream was to care for the elderly. So he began his life's mission at Northwestern University, where he majored in molecular cell biology. Ultimately completing his MD at Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine. He then concluded his internal medicine residency and geriatric fellowship training at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

Upon graduation, Michael worked as a hospitalist and medical director of informatics for Indiana University Health in Northwest Indiana. He was instrumental in implementing a systemwide electronic health record and analytics platform to help drive insight into patient care and physician performance.

Michael's passion for bridging technology and data to proper medical care led him to found his first company, CETA Inc, which grew to become a 60-employee consulting company servicing 140 hospital systems. Mike later cofounded IMOSPHERE, an analytics platform for cancer research institutes in the US, which also served as the platform for monitoring mental health patients in UK, Ireland, and Scotland.

Then in 2015, a family crisis led Michael to delve into the emerging science of precision medicine. This experience was so profoundly transformative that as a doctor, he knew he had to share this technology with the world. However, he and cofounder Rob Holton also realized that precision medicine was out of reach for many. So they set out to find a way to make these innovative technologies available to those most vulnerable while also making them financially advantageous to organizations. Thus BASE10 was born. And what of Michael's life pursuit of helping the elderly? Well, it endures today, as a key beneficiary of precision medicine is geriatrics. Equally, Michael's passion for fusing medicine and technology is exemplified by the ingenuity that drives all BASE10 programs.

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