Improve Surveillance, Simplify Clinical Decisions and Reduces Administrative Costs

An Infectious Disease Management Solution Built to Improve Patient Outcomes and ROI.

During the 2020 public health emergency, BASE10 leveraged its precision medicine and disease management capabilities to develop an innovative end-to-end infectious disease management platform to help the long-term care community navigate COVID-19. In the wake of the pandemic, BASE10 has continued to evolve its platform into a comprehensive infectious disease management program solution that combines cutting-edge interoperability with proven IPC (Infection Prevention and Control) principles.

Our infectious disease management program provides continuous surveillance across the enterprise so cross-functional facility teams have real-time data to drive strategic clinical decisions, stay compliant with the ever-changing regulatory landscape and rapidly deploy precautions/interventions to detect, manage or prevent outbreaks.

High-value offerings include - role-based access and services deployed across the enterprise.

Infection surveillance and analytics across the enterprise to improve patient outcomes and clinician efficiency.

  • Real-time facility census and infection surveillance dashboards
  • Clinical decision support based on standards of care, facility conditions, and patient risks
  • Workflow automation, reminders, and alerts
  • HIPAA compliant electronic ordering, lab results, and documentation
Administrative and Operational Leadership
Real-time monitoring of enterprise status and performance to facilitate strategic change and facilitate rapid response.

  • Real-time enterprise forecasting, status, and performance dashboards
  • High performing medical interventions and documentation of administration events
  • Extensive integrated lab network with specimen tracking
  • Electronic ordering, logistical support for supplies Billing, and claims management
Regulatory Affairs Leaders
Interoperability and electronic integrations with your EHRs, LIMs, and HR systems reduces the risk of noncompliance.

  • Enterprise-wide ONLINE line listing
  • On demand access to survey compliance data
  • Generation and submission of NHSN LTC COVID-19 module reports
  • Generation and submission of NHSN Resident and Staff Vaccination reports
  • Coming Soon—Generation and submission of NHSN HAI module reports
  • Custom State DHS report generation and submission for testing, therapeutics, and vaccination
  • Custom State DPH report generation and submission for testing, therapeutics, and vaccination
Mobile app enables daily health surveys and provides secure, fast access to test results and data record-keeping.

  • Request or schedule testing
  • Sign consents digitally
  • Receive fast, secure test results
  • Online risk assessments

IDM Essentials Overview

  • Integrate Disparate Data Sources
  • Software Enabled Services to Empower Clinical Support
  • A Cloud-Based Surveillance Database

  • Portal provides role-based user access to drive usage and successful execution of responsibilities.
  • The IDM system integrates with EHR, HR, Labs, and public health authorities.


  • Automated workflows offer rapid detection protocols, clinical recommendations, and safety precautions.
  • Promote better record-keeping and conditional generation or recommended interventions/precautions.
  • Delivers on-demand access to vital medical interventions and lab services.



  • Transition granularly from patient-level data to facility, state, and enterprise views
  • Plug and play a variety of medical interventions
  • Regulatory reporting available for state federal and public health authorities
  • Quickly adapts to the ever-changing regulatory landscape
  • Our team assists across local, state, and federal jurisdictions to support you through the toughest regulatory demands


IDM Advanced Enterprise Infection
Surveillance Dashboard

Get the most out of our reporting. Advanced graphic-based dashboards feature
nationwide surveillance data that can easily scale down to individual facilities and even staff level! Offering deep granularity to evaluate and systematically respond to risk exposure and rapidly changing conditions.

  • Updated hourly
  • Allows for the customization of views
    and metrics


IDM Advanced Public Health Reporting

Featuring NHSN LTCF COVID-19 Module and on-demand exporting capabilities from our enterprise infection surveillance data for CMS surveys. Along with a host of prefabricated reports:

  • 7 weekly NHSN reports
  • Reporting of point of care test results
  • Improve consistency and reliability of reporting by letting our team do it for you!
  • Save 32% on the cost of labor for public health reporting
  • Save 65% of FTE hours spent on public health reporting
Financial Advantages ● Automation saves
   » Administrative FTE hours by automating data entry and workflows
   » Clinical FTE by simplifying decisions and automating workflows
● Dramatically reduce the risk of non-compliance fines
Clinical Advantages
  • Clinical decision support reduces complexity, allowing for better efficiency, resulting in more time for patient care
  • Automated surveillance enables rapid identification when strategic change is required
  • Immediate on-demand access to medical interventions improves patient outcomes (BASE10 is an FDA registered medical device distributor)
  • Enterprise infection surveillance database enables holistic enterprise approach to monitoring trends, forecasting needs, and preventing non-compliance
REgulatory Advantages
  • Improve record-keeping and access to your data
  • Improve adherence to standardized regulated protocols
  • Improve reliability and access to compliance data required by public health authorities



Long Term Care Facilities

Long Term Care Facilities

Simplify adherence to infection control regulatory requirements. Program serves as a single point of access to interventions, helping facilities avoid civil monetary penalties while opening the opportunity to qualify for medicare quality and patient safety incentives.

Residential Academic Institutions

Residential Academic Institutions

Keep faculty and student safe. Our custom algorithmic protocols help curb infection rates, reduce student health FTE hours and simplify adherence to infection control regulatory requirements by serving as a single point of access.


Behavioral Health & Correctional Centers

Behavioral Health & Correctional Centers

Program automation reduces FTE hours required for infection prevention and control while helping you adhere to regulatory requirements. Single point of access to medical interventions lowers infection rates and allows you to maintain staffing.

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