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BASE10’s COVID-19 Solution for Employers
Our COVID-19 solution for employers helps you protect your teams, workplaces and clients, while meeting regulation mandates.

We give you the platform to design and launch your unique COVID-19 strategy in just days

Americans are facing financial hardships, fears for their physical health and are looking to their employers for a safe back-to-work solution.


Have your COVID-19 program up and running in just days, with strategies that are custom-designed to meet your unique needs.


Respond quickly to changes in federal and local mandates without hassle. Our platform incorporates the latest regulatory guidelines for your workplace COVID-19 protocols.


Our solution covers every aspect of your COVID-19 needs, from automating employee surveys and recording vaccination, to testing at home or at work.
All-in-one COVID-19 Solution that evolves to meet your needs

We help create a safer work environment through providing COVID-19 testing, vaccination tracking and reporting.

No need for paper or cumbersome spreadsheets. Employees can create their accounts in minutes using our phone apps or webpage.
Built for healthcare, our platform adheres to strict security and HIPAA guidelines so that your employees' data are private and safe.
Continuous Support
You won't be alone. Your dedicated BASE10 Client Success manager and team are always available to help.
Rest assured your employees are in expert hands. Our clinical team provides timely guidance to employees should they have symptoms or have a positive test.
Real-Time Insights
See how things are going using our intuitive dashboards that continuously updates to help you stay on top of vaccination statuses, user screening responses and important alerts.
Flexible Testing Options
More than just the software, BASE10 provides the testing service for your employees. Along with our network of FDA CLIA certified laboratories, we also provide home and work place testing options.

Tech enhanced, but human driven

Our clinical team supports your employees from start to finish:

  • Answer questions about testing
  • Verify testing appropriateness
  • Coordinate physician interpretation of test and recommendations
  • Follow up on retesting
  • Monitor for signs of possible infection and coordinate timely medical care

Your organizational dashboard

Stay on top of your team’s vaccination and testing statuses with interactive dashboards

Individual status

Our proprietary algorithm determines which patients are most likely to benefit from this program.

Company progress

Monitor and track how your company is progressing towards meeting regulatory vaccination or testing goals.


Get immediate notification when a user is flagged.

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Benefit from our expertise
Our solution has helped many clients provide COVID-19 tracking and testing for their employees, with over 500,000 records to date and counting.