Providing hope for

a healthier future,

powered by precision.

Providing hope for

a healthier future,

powered by precision.

BASE10 brings hope to the lives of vulnerable patients by helping them access the latest in precision medicine technologies through our disease management platform.

Using data, we identify the best available tests and treatments to present to your doctor and your insurance payor to give you the best chance at getting what you need. When you have health, you have hope. When you have hope, you have everything —our goal is to provide that for you. 

The premiere disease

A deployed platform within 1 month

nursing homes
data points
tests performed
full-time equivalent (FTE) hours saved

Flexible data management and real-time insights are essential to staying ahead of the curve


All of your health needs, delivered straight to your phone

Our employee-facing mobile app allows employees to do the following tasks with extremely low lift:

Report symptoms via our daily, easy-to-use Health Surveys
Track test statuses
Receive results easily and securely
Access prior test results and appointments
Digitally sign consent forms
Enter vaccination info in under 30 seconds
Receive notifications on eligibility for second dose, booster shots
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Founders’ Story

Cofounders Michael Fang and Robert Holton shared a similar story: they both emptied their financial savings when the medical treatments their family needed were not covered by insurance. They realized that it wasn’t the availability of medical innovations, but rather the accessibility to these new technologies, that limited the outcomes and experiences of patients. Fueled by devotion to democratize precision medicine technologies for all, Michael and Robert created a disease management platform that serves as the launch pad for delivering transformational healthcare outcomes for patients, while simultaneously creating cost savings strategies and ROI to payors.

Our Values


We understand our decisions impact lives. We are united in our calling to swing big and move the needle for healthcare. understand one another, and to pick each other up when we are down. The only way forward, is together.


Data influences all of our ideas, decisions, and strategies. We hold each other accountable by owning the knowledge, every step of the way.


We have a solution-oriented mind set. We avoid decision paralysis with new challenges by constantly taking steps forward.

We never settle in our pursuit of impacts that move the needle .