Real-time clinical decisions require modern disease management solutions
Flexible data management and real-time insights are essential to staying ahead of the curve.
What we do
Since the start of the COVID-19 emergency, organizations have faced remarkable circumstances and unprecedented disruption. Business success hinges upon the ability to access all actionable data, proactively anticipate regulatory changes and quickly scale operations to effectively manage their operations.
Companies need a comprehensive and intelligent data solution to allow them to navigate this new landscape. With the flexible BASE10 platform, transform the commotion into action.
Make Your Data Work For You
In today’s unpredictable times, a modern, flexible data platform is essential to driving results.
One-size-fits all doesn’t apply to every organization, which is why a data platform that can mold and scale to your needs is the key to staying ahead of the curve in a time when unpredictability is the new norm.
Population Management & Clinical Decision Support
Patient/Employee Surveillance & Engagement
Public Health Reporting & Regulatory Compliance
Medical Intervention Automation & Tracking
Enterprise Business Intelligence & Administrative Workflow Support
Disruption: Data and Analytics Modernization in the COVID-19 Era
COVID-19 has changed the world—and many companies are gaining benefits by rethinking their analytics models and data management processes to keep pace with the new realities of disease management.

Driving Results

Our flexible data modernization approach provides a highly accessible, useful and compliant platform that delivers cost savings and powers the analytics to enhance personalization and optimize forecasting. With thousands of associates, BASE10 experts can mobilize quickly to realize our clients’ vision.

Typical Results include*:
  • A deployed platform within one month
  • 140 nursing homes
  • 15 million data points
  • 1.7m tests performed
  • $14 million savings
  • 100% dedicated regulatory & infectious disease experts
  • 2/3 FTE

Our data modernization solution pinpoints bottlenecks in supply chains and helps improve product assortment, pricing, forecasting and marketing channels, driving costs down and revenues up. New business models monetize data and generate direct revenues from data sets, insights and analytics-based services and a resilient data infrastructure and process capabilities enhance customer service and sales.

*Based on actual client engagements. Individual results may vary.

More from BASE10

All of your health needs, delivered straight to your phone

Our employee-facing mobile app allows employees to do the following tasks with extremely low lift:

  • Report symptoms via our daily, easy-to-use Health Surveys
  • Track test statuses
  • Receive results easily and securely
  • Access prior test results and appointments
  • Digitally sign consent forms
  • Enter vaccination info in under 30 seconds
  • Receive notifications on eligibility for second dose, booster shots

All entered data, including symptoms, test results, and vaccination status are available to the administrator in real-time to power informed decision-making when you need it most.

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